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We are dedicated to providing innovative and cost-effective solutions for firms required to offset their emissions as part of SCAQMD Rule 2202 Compliance.



In his role as General Partner Mr. Hammond is responsible for strategic decision making, vision and future growth and performance at Greenwood Environmental.  Prior to the 2007 formation of Greenwood, Mr. Hammond spent 6 years with a major NY Financial Company as a Senior Emissions Broker in their Environmental Brokerage Services office in San Francisco, CA.   While there he was engaged in structuring and executing over $200 million in brokered emission products for all of the California ERC markets, the South Coast RECLAIM trading program, the Houston Galveston Mass Emissions Cap and Trade program, ERCOT-REC trading program, NOx SIP Call, and the Title IV SO2 Acid rain program.  

Mr. Hammond also spent 7 years with BHA Inc., a major manufacturer of filtration fabrics and after-market accessories for the control of industrial particulate matter in Kansas City.

Mr. Hammond attended the University of Kansas and graduated with a degree in Environmental Science.



Mr. McGarry has worked in the air quality compliance markets and compliance for almost 20 years. He has conducted market assessments to determine the availability, expected cost, and feasibility of securing emissions products for Rule 2202 compliance. Prior to establishing Greenwood, Mr. McGarry was a Senior Emissions Broker for a major NY Financial Company engaged in Environmental Brokerage services in San Francisco CA where he was responsible for transacting emission products for all the California ERCs markets, the South Coast RECLAIM trading program and where he worked extensively with Rule 2202 Mobile Source clients to aid in their compliance obligations.

Prior to his work as a Senior Emissions Broker, Mr. McGarry acted as the Transition Manager for Dresdner RCM Global Investors.

Mr. McGarry holds a BS degree in Applied Economics from The University of San Francisco.

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Cost Effective Solutions for Rule 2202 Compliance

We are a complete, one-stop solution for companies using the Emission Reduction (ERS) Strategy to comply with Rule 2202 on a yearly basis. We create value orientated environmental solutions to cost-effectively reduce a firm’s emissions footprint.

We provide education, analysis and solutions for federal, state and local environmental emissions requirements.


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